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Dear colleagues!

We invite you to take part in the World Electrotechnical Congress (WELC 2011) which will take place in Moscow on October, 4th-5th, 2011.

World Electrotechnical Congresses intend to discuss at the top level scientific problems and prospects of development world electrical engineering. These congresses of electrical engineers, which are unique in its value, have long 130 year history, and participation in these Congresses has always been considered to be a great honor to scientists, specialists, organizations.

While inviting you to take part in the next WELC, we hope to receive from you materials which would be interesting for world electrical engineering. Formal requirements to participation in the Congress are shown on the present site.

We hope, that your participation in the Congress will be fruitful and will enrich world electrical engineering idea and will give you possibility to communicate and to get the up-to-date electrical engineering information of the top level.

Chairman of Program Committee of the Congress Chairman of Organizing committee
Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Demirchan K.S. Dr.Eng.Sc. J.A. Kovalenko.